Learn about the benefits provided by this full-service brokerage for the extremely affordable $499/transaction fee!

Use this calculator to see the benefits of being with equity!

Number of Closings for the Past Year:
Average Price of Homes Sold:
Average Commission Percentage:
Your side of the Commission Split with your Current Broker:
What Have You Paid in Franchise Fees this Past Year?
Approximately What You Made with Your Current Broker:
Equity's Transaction Fee: $499
Here's What You Would Have Taken Home with Equity:
Percentage of a Raise by Being with Equity:

Plus you receive:

  • A FREE ProAgent website!
  • A FREE dotloop account!
  • A FREE MobilityRE Personalized App!
  • FREE ArchAgent Leads!
  • FREE ListHub Distribution!
  • FREE Equity Concierge Service!
  • FREE Monthly Client Newsletter!
  • Professional Marketing Materials!
  • Amazing Profit Share Opportunities!
  • Direct Deposit of all Commissions!
  • And so much more!
You don't want to pass up this opportunity!
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Hello! My name is Jeff Foli and I would thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to speak with you about your real estate career. As a matter-of-fact, I guarantee that you won't regret the meeting. You see, I'm genuinely concerned about your success in real estate and will sit down with you to hold a no pressure consultation as soon as you call. I look forward to speaking with you.

Low Transaction Fee

Equity’s flat rate transaction fee is one of the many ways we go about doing business that makes being an Equity Agent so affordable. We’ve seen so much success, as a matter-of-fact, that the company even saw some of its agents’ greatest accomplishments occur during the down market. We’ve seen agents who were barely scraping by join Equity and be able to afford a new car, or a new house, or in other ways improve their lifestyle. And while the flat transaction fee means no splits, it is also just the tip of the iceberg on ways Equity helps either put more money in your pocket, or save you money in expenses.

Awesome Profit Share

Equity believes in giving back to those who contribute to the company’s growth. That’s why we’ve developed the Equity Profit Share Program; a unique offering to the Real Estate Industry that is so straightforward we guarantee you won’t need a doctorate in mathematics in order to understand the way we pay out. And it’s effective. Equity has paid out roughly $2 million in profit share to our Agents since its inception! That’s $2,000,000.00+ paid back to Equity Agents for their dedicated service to the company and their clients. Not only is the program simple to understand, it’s even easier to participate in. Equity Agents are finding all sorts of fun ways to put their portion of Profit Share towards improving their lives. What would you do with extra money every month?

Fast Commission

Equity can proudly say that our commission payout is the one of the fastest in the industry. Why wait to receive the money you’ve worked so hard for? That’s never made sense to us. So, we created a program that allows you to receive your pay within 24-hours from the closing. That’s right. The same day! That’s right! Within 24-hours you’ll have money deposited directly into your bank account!

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